Hackers are fast-learning, ever-evolving and eager to adapt to new technologies — and that's why your security system must too.

RSB Infosec is a dynamic and responsive cyber-security provider.
We use security mapping and threat assessment to build water-tight data networks and shield your data from attacks. Swift, reliable and agile; we keep up with the cutting edge of online security to provide impenetrable protection for your business. Safe in the knowledge that your data is secured, we do our job so that you can focus on yours.

  • vulnerability assessment

    Identify and address the gaps in your online security

  • Penetration Testing

    Defend your online sites against cyber attacks

  • Secure SYSTEM Design

    Ensure business continuity in the event of an attack

Technology is evolving faster than ever before. Systems that once seemed secure are now under threat by structural system vulnerabilities, the constant stream of new patches being released and the ever evolving creativity and skills of would-be attackers.

As your business grows, so do your exposure points. Just one weakness in your system security can allow an attacker the access they need - and they're in. It's a tough world in which to stay protected.

But we provide the defenses businesses need.

Our Approach

  • Perform frequent assessments of system vulnerabilities; identifying, quantifying and ranking your security weak spots so you know exactly which vulnerabilities are liable to exploitation
  • Simulate malicious attacks; thoroughly testing and evaluating your system to allow us to adapt our strategy and secure any vulnerabilities which cannot withstand attack
  • Develop a comprehensive Secure Architecture Design Review, providing you with an optimised, secure system in which to safeguard your data.

Our Priorities

Integrity Above all else, we aim to preserve the integrity of your data, ensuring it is reliable and completely confidential.

Business Continuity We know that even a minute's downtime for a business system can have catastrophic long-term effects. We ensure that your crucial systems are available for your use while we work.

Cost-Effectiveness We don't believe you should spend more on protecting your systems than you would if you were subject to a system attack. We're on your side, and we're here to help protect your bottom line.

Our Reporting

Our services are complex, but we make them sound simple.

We won't bog you down with murky technical jargon and impossibly incomprehensible reports. We provide you with regular clear, detailed reports using language which is easy to understand — so you can see exactly what we've done for your business.

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  • Defensive security
  • Compliance services

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